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How should I prepare for an entry level programming job?

Posted 30 December 2014 - 04:10 PM

Hello all, I wanted to ask DIC, especially those who have programming jobs, what to expect when going for an entry level programming job. I'll start by giving a brief background of myself. I don't have the most programming experience, and recently graduated with a CS degree, although I do spend my own time trying to build a portfolio. I have a mediocre GPA (2.5/4) and have done a ton in extra curricular, and will soon be graduating with a second degree (mathematics). I also happen to have a strong musical background.

My current plan is to go for my master's at this same school, but also try to get a job at this company in town which hires freshly graduated CS students. I'm trying to figure out what exactly I should do in order to stand out since I do have a mediocre GPA, and what might help me acquire this job. I'm currently trying to create a pretty respectable portfolio especially considering our CS program is more theoretical with what we are taught, rather than hands on. I don't know if it helps, but this company also often takes on interns over the summer.

This is most of the info that comes right off my head. Any other questions to help you point me in the right direction of what to accomplish will be helpful! Thank you!

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