Ruby, WideStudio and PocketPC application events

Using Ruby (WideStudio version) and PocketPC PDA to aid disabled peopl

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Ruby, WideStudio and PocketPC application events

Posted 26 October 2007 - 05:17 PM

our project is a first, basic and hard solution to resolve disabled people problems (communicating, learning, benefiting, doing, etc about multimedia, radio, audiobook, scanner, internet, sms, email, etc contents).

The goal is to realize a software prototype able to maximize an our innovative domotic sample hardware device performances. The hardware device and PocketPC PDA "talk" a simplified mouse-like "dialect". The PocketPC PDA runs a simple linear-menu-driven application. The linear-menu-driven application configuration uses a (sub)notebook application.

We're evaluating WideStudio - http://sourceforge.n...cts/widestudio/ - and we need some info:
- is WideStudio PocketPC application events managing very easy (phone call, sms and/or email arrives, end of song, etc)?
- what is the best WideStudio programming language to manage PocketPC events (we're Ruby-oriented)?
- we need a continue sync from Pocket PC PDA to a backup (sub)notebook: which is the WideStudio best practice to obtain it?
- we need a good flow chart diagrammer to help linear-menu configuration: do you advise us about a good open source Ruby project?

Thanks for your attention!


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