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Text Input Detection and Activation

Post icon  Posted 27 October 2007 - 02:05 AM

I am hoping this is a simple question to answer. I have done various searches for an answer but I am getting nowhere. Maybe I am not using the right key words. Anyway...

I am designing a POS system. Basically everything is done via buttons on a touch screen. But I would like to have the system also detect text input from a magnetic card reader. The readers are just simple HIDs that mimic a keyboard so the input device is of no real concern for this issue. As far as the computer is concerned the scanner is a keyboard.

I was thinking about having a text box that would await data to be entered and then run a subroutine when [enter] is detected. But I am running into two issues. 1) The textbox won't seem to take focus and wait for data. And 2) I don't know how to set things up to trigger a sub on the [enter] keystroke.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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Re: Text Input Detection and Activation

Posted 27 October 2007 - 04:22 AM

Well, typically with POS systems, the operator (cashier) will have to press a button on the screen to get the debit process started. That's as simple as putting a new button, opening a new form/dialog, and telling it to focus on the textbox on load.

As for the question about [enter], you may do well to read into the Control.onkeypress Method.

Hope this was of some help.
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