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Get Confirmation

Posted 10 February 2010 - 09:09 PM

Description: This method returns True or False depending on the users respone. It assumes you are asking the user a yes/no question, but can be easily changed to fit other user queries. Example of use: if user_confirms? "Do you like pie?" print "Yay, me too!" else print "Boo." endA very simple method that will ask the user for a Yes or No response.
def user_confirms?(question)
  while true            # Loop until response is given
    print question      # Print the question
    response = gets     # Get the users response
    case response
    when /^[yY]/        # If the user said Yes
      return true       # return true
    when /^[nN]/        # If the user said No
      return false      # Return false

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