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search engine

Posted 21 September 2005 - 02:56 AM

Description: put the code in a normal html reading program like publisher or html kit and use the search engine.its a search engine with dogpile google msn and yahoo
<img src="http://sc.think.com/www/usc/1/e/ig/69782527/searchathon_l.jpg" height="90" 
<hr 50% size=10 noshade>
<body><h3>this is a site devoted to your needs if you have any reccomendations please email me on    <i>[email protected]</i>  and i will consider it please have a good time using this site and come back soon.  
 <!-- Search Dogpile -->
<table width="468" height="60" bgcolor="#213863">
<form method="get" action="http://www.dogpile.com/info.dogpl.sbox/search/redir.htm">
<input type="hidden" name="qcat" value="web">
<td> <img height="40" width="116" border="0" alt="Dogpile Search" class="image" 
<td><input type="text" name="qkw" value="" style="width:230px;"></td>
<td><input type="submit" name="submit" 
style="font-family: Verdana; color: #233966; 
font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; background-color: #FFFFFF;" value="search with searchathon"></td>
<!-- End Search Dogpile -->

<!-- Yahoo! Search -->
<form method=get action="http://search.yahoo.com/search" style="bor
der:1px solid #999; padding:5px;/*/*/width:360px;/**/text-align:center;">
<a href="http://search.yahoo.com/">
<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/us/search/ysan/ysanlogo.gif
" align="absmiddle" border=0></a> <input type="text" name="p" size=55>
 <input type="hidden" name="fr" value="yscpb"> <input type="submit" 
value="search with searchathon">
<!-- End Yahoo! Search -->

<!-- Web search from MSN --> 
<form method="get" action="http://search.msn.com/results.aspx"> 
<input type="hidden" name="cp" value="CODE PAGE USED BY YOUR HTML PAGE"/> 
<input type="hidden" name="FORM" value="FREEWS"/> 
<table bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<a href="http://search.msn.com/"> 
<img src="http://search.msn.com/s/affillogo.gif" border="0" alt="MSN Search"/>
<input type="text" name="q" size="30"/> 
<input type="submit" value="Search Web"/> 
</td> </tr> </table> 
<!-- Web search from MSN --> 

<!-- Search Google -->
<FORM method=GET action="http://www.google.com/search">
<input type=hidden name=ie value=UTF-8>
<input type=hidden name=oe value=UTF-8>
<TABLE bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><tr><td>
<A HREF="http://www.google.com/">
<IMG SRC="http://www.google.com/logos/Logo_40wht.gif" 
border="0" ALT="Google" align="absmiddle"></A>
<INPUT TYPE=text name=q size=25 maxlength=255 value="">
<INPUT type=submit name=btnG VALUE="Google Search">
<!-- Search Google -->

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