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Check for valid HttpRequest

Posted 26 February 2008 - 06:33 PM

Description: This snippet is for use in a class file (not a code behind class file). Pass the method your HttpRequest Object and the domain you're looking for, it will then search that HttpRequest Object's ServerVariables for a valid HTTP_REFERER. Check the "Sample Usage" portion for how to implementThis is a snippet I use for making sure a page request is coming from my domain, and that someone isn't trying to hijack my site or page.
//Namespace Reference
using System.Web;
using System.Collections.Specialized;

#region IsValidRequest
/// method for determining if this page was called from a valid
/// domain or if someone is trying to hijack this page
/// True/False
public bool IsValidRequest(System.Web.HttpRequest request,string domain)

    //NameValueCollection object for holding the server variables
    NameValueCollection vars = request.ServerVariables;
    string temp = vars.Get("HTTP_REFERER");
    //make sure the referer isnt empty, if it's 
    //empty this isn't a valid request
    if (!(string.IsNullOrEmpty(temp)))
        //ok, so its not empty, now lets make sure the user
        //is coming from a valid page
        if (!(temp.Contains(domain)))
            //not a valid request so return false
            return false;
            //request originated on a valid page so return true
            return true;
        //HTTP_REFERER is empty so this isn't a valid request, return false
        return false;


//Sample Usage

//replace YourClass with the name of the class where this resides
YourClass check = new YourClass();

//now check the validity

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