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Is it good to use such web address

Posted 19 February 2015 - 05:25 AM

Is it good to use such web address site.com/Pages/default.aspx .

What I have in mind. For example there is a web site https://www.acord.org/, but if you open the Web site, his url will look like https://www.acord.or...s/default.aspx. Is it good for google and users that this website address?

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Re: Is it good to use such web address

Posted 19 February 2015 - 07:01 AM

It's not very bad but it could be improved.

- Most users don't even know where the url is displayed in their browser (they type urls in the search engine input)
- Safari now hides the page url (only the domain name is displayed - I find this very annoying by the way)
- Search engines don't care as long as meaningful words can be found in the url, which is the case here (example : acord.org/media/newsletters/Pages/default.aspx)
- Users don't care as long as every page hase a unique url and as copy & paste and bookmarks work on your site

On the downside :
- it's very ugly and it would be easy to remove the Pages/default.aspx part of the url with some url rewriting
- you tell everybody what server-side language you're using, and if the pattern Pages/default.aspx is particular to a server-side software such as a CMS, a hacker can try to guess which one it is and look for well known vulnerabilities in order to attack you. I'm not saying security through obscurity is perfect but it makes you less of a target.
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