seeking help for Gods of War game

Gods of War is a php browser based multiplayer game

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seeking help for Gods of War game

Post icon  Posted 09 November 2007 - 07:59 PM

Well taking a break from the directx9 game been working on forever now, and decided to generate some interest by making a game similar on just the browser.

After promising for a long time to Spod to help for the game he wanted to make, I decided I would finally commit to it, as it is not too much different then mine for the Directx, and so the game is called "Gods of War."

Homepage isn't too much yet, as i only started working on this project Saturday afternoon, yet is located at Click here

Can't really give you a complete rundown on it besides a general overview, as that is part of the help in the direction we will go. For now, we are just refining it to one world and land based. Team based combat, with future technology to not limit ourselves in anyway. Several skill sets, and the ability to control your skills as like in real-life.

These positions will not be on salary, and will only be for personal improvement and interest in the project.

Positions Needed:

Graphic Artists:
- Create graphics for the game.

- Come up with new concepts to incorporate, or suggest improvements to existing concepts.

- Will need to have the ability to code in php, css, html, know sql and how to interact with
- mysql driven databases. This position will require submitted examples of prior work.
- This position is for both the game and the website.

Flash Developers:
- This position is solely for those who want to help create the in-game cut-scenes and movies.

Please do not send emails requesting to help test the game, the first alpha tests will be done by the staff itself. Once the first beta test is ready, announcements will be made. Also, you can always check the website for current news, using the news link (which will be up and running within a few days.)

- Archit
a.k.a Talon
a.k.a Michael Hughes

main site:
email:[email protected]

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