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How to go about securing your software from being sued?

Posted 03 March 2015 - 09:48 PM

I'm not 100% sure as to were this topic needs to be so if it needs to be move, please do so !

Anyways, I'm currently a student a some private university in California, USA. I'm working on my Bachelor for Electrical Engineering, however, i have design and programmed a GUI for IT students, etc. I want to be able to expand my software in hopes to one day as a side job create a business of it. I'm not entirely looking to become millionaire in 1 year or anything of that sort. I just want to protect my software and be able to commercialize it without getting any problems down the road especially with big money.

So my question is this, how can i document my code, when i mean document i'm refering as to "when did i code it, were" on what machine, etc". I talked to the director at my campus, and he mention that as long as i didnt program it during school hours, on school ground or with school resources, it is 100% my work. However, that is just his word and not a statement clarifing that any work a student creates its their and not the schools.

Why am i asking myself all these questions, well i realize that a lot of well known software company are college drop outs, i was wondering if they dropped out because of law issues within the school.

Anyways what do you guys recommend? Should i simply write notes on the code, or is there something i can hard code into my source that will specify date, time, location etc. (Like Watermark). Also it might be off topic but what protection should i look into if im starting a small business? I understand Copyright is needed for every work i complete (I understand i need or should submit my work to them). However, i want my work to be under a company name which i have already came up with. how can i get that name register so that no one can take that from me? I was wondering should i trademark the software or the company name, etc. Any business tips are helpful, since im not knowledgable in it.

Thanks and if anything sounds like a misunderstanding, please let me know> I will try to explain it a bit better.

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Re: How to go about securing your software from being sued?

Posted 03 March 2015 - 09:54 PM

Rule 1 - talk to a real lawyer. 100% better than internet commentary.
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Re: How to go about securing your software from being sued?

Posted 09 April 2015 - 12:18 PM

Rule 2 - See rule 1

Also, most of the time when a well known company is founded by a college drop out, those are exceptions to the rule. In almost all cases, they struck it big while in school and simply walked away from the program because they were successful. And unlike, say, medicine or physics - college isn't as critical in creative fields like design and development. Of course, a carpenter who doesn't understand basic physics is going to have a hard time if he builds an unstable table. But Zuckerberg dropped out because Facebook was a success.

Bill Gates dropped out because he had the money, the plan, and Paul Allen as a partner to help launch Microsoft.

In neither case was it about the school being able to claim ownership. In fact I think it was the same school (Harvard). In Zuckerberg's case, he actually wound up settling a lawsuit alleging he had stolen the idea from classmates who had hired him to write a similar site for them.

I wouldn't drop out for an idea. See how it does, drop out after your first $50 million.

And talk to a lawyer to protect your shit.
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