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Finger Print Attendance System

Posted 12 March 2015 - 10:34 PM

i am working on a vb application of FINGER PRINT ATTENDENCE SYSTEM .i have made a vb applicstion..posted below in pictures attached.I have successfully marked attendence in vb6 application (i have designed) using fingerprint connected through arduino microcontroller.
in the picture "attendence form picture " attached with post , in Txtrecord txtbox shown there,the text in the "serial monitor of arduino software" is shown in the TXTRECORD.TEXT by using MSCOMM controls.

Problem is arrised when i upload ENROLL coding into the ARDUINO MICROCONTROLER . AND then i click the "ENROLL" button in vb6 "attendence form" and go to "FORM ENROLL" .
here in the attached picture "ENROLLEMENT FORM" ,in the "TXTRECORD textbox" no such information is provided in the textbox..
i acctually want to enroll the fingerprint from this enrollment form..but fingerprint sensor is active when i open the enrollment form. what is the problem in my below enrollment coding..help me in this regards.thanks alot in advance

Private Sub cmdaddstd_Click()

If MSComm1.PortOpen = True Then
GoTo l1
MSComm1.PortOpen = True

End If
rowcount = rowcount + 1
Dim a As String
Dim search As String

        If var1 = "" Then
        excelws.Cells(11, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(11, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
        ElseIf var2 = "" Then
        excelws.Cells(12, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(12, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
        ElseIf var3 = "" Then
        excelws.Cells(13, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(13, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
       ElseIf var4 = "" Then
       excelws.Cells(14, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(14, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
       ElseIf var5 = "" Then
       excelws.Cells(15, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
       excelws.Cells(15, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
       ElseIf var6 = "" Then
       excelws.Cells(16, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
       excelws.Cells(16, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
        ElseIf var7 = "" Then
        excelws.Cells(17, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(17, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
        ElseIf var8 = "" Then
        excelws.Cells(18, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(18, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
        ElseIf var9 = "" Then
        excelws.Cells(19, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(19, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
        ElseIf var10 = "" Then

        excelws.Cells(20, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(20, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
        ElseIf var11 = "" Then

        excelws.Cells(21, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(21, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text

        ElseIf var12 = "" Then

        excelws.Cells(22, 1).Value = Txtname.Text
        excelws.Cells(22, 2).Value = Txtreg.Text
        'Dim search As String

 txtrec.Text = MSComm1.Input & vbCrLf & Txtreg.Text
         search = txtrec.Text
If InStr(search, Right(Txtreg.Text, 2)) Then
         MSComm1.Output = Right(Txtreg.Text, 2)
         End If
         End If

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Replies To: Finger Print Attendance System

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Re: Finger Print Attendance System

Posted 12 March 2015 - 10:39 PM

1) Please avoid nondescript titles like "Help me" and "Urgent." Take the time to describe your project a little.

2) This is not a C/C++ question. Moving to VB6.
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Re: Finger Print Attendance System

Posted 13 March 2015 - 01:22 AM

You will need to explain your problem a little clearer.

You have provided two screenshots of forms in design layout, but you say "in Txtrecord txtbox shown there,the text in the "serial monitor of arduino software" is shown in the TXTRECORD.TEXT by using MSCOMM controls". I don't see any information from your serial comms in a textbox from your screenshots. You've also only posted part of a button click event handler?

So based on what you have provided, I am guessing that your serial comms doesn't work between the micro and VB6.

If it does, show us a screenshot of the data going into the one form (along with the actual code). Then, if it's just a case of having that working on a different form, it should be fairly straight forward.

If the comms isn't working, I would suggest creating a simple VB app to prototype the comms between the two devices, as that is going to be something not easy for people to help you with on here as we can't see the actual device working.
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Re: Finger Print Attendance System

Posted 20 February 2019 - 04:15 AM

Can I get the whole code pls
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Re: Finger Print Attendance System

Posted 20 February 2019 - 06:13 AM

It seems unlikely that you will get a response considering that the OP has not been active here since 2015.
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