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Rooting moto g 2nd generation, android 5.02

Posted 26 March 2015 - 04:05 PM

I'm not sure if that is the correct place, but anyway, here it goes:

It's not actually easy to root the motorola models of smartphone first because we theoretically have to unblock the bootloader first and then start with the procedure to root. My version is describled on the title, and I really want to do that, but how to don't lose nothing that allready is on my sd card an internal memory(I thing that this process wouldn't afect the sd but I'm not sure. I I'm wrong please correct me).

I'm locking for the saffer way! Ain't there a way to backup everything, unblock the bootloader and root. Then restore back until the positions of items and apps? Have exactally the same configuration but rooted? It could also there be any method to just root without unblocking the bootloader. Maybe?

What a just want is to have root permissions in my actual configuration, just like it is now.

Just one more thing. There are any procedure to create a virtual machine inside my phone, like the VM's in bigger machines. I know this sounds like fancing, but who knows where we can get?

In advance, thanks for anyone who read that and for those wich where patients enough to help.

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