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Kodi/XBMC Plugins/Playlists

Posted 04 June 2015 - 12:43 AM

Any gurus on here good with the above ?
I have ditched the live tv in the house and am awaiting delivery of an android tv box(hopefully be here today).
I have had a play with kodi on the pc but have decided there is to much unsuitable content easily available that my kids can access.
I like the iptv simple pvr client as i can make my own lists of suitable content but the only problem is it could be very big and a pain to easily keep maintained.
I would like to have multiple lists that i can maintain and have these loaded under the tv section.
Now i could just use playlist loader but that does not merge the lists and let me put under the tv tab.

So is there a merging plugin or stand alone program that would allow me to view and add each verified stream as working and then let me add to my list or will i have to make my own ?

I would really like to keep the tv tab and have no other addons available.



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