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Meet Your Forum Leaders

Posted 05 June 2015 - 08:26 PM

This is a thread where your forum leaders will introduce themselves. Forum leaders head up the forums and try to get interesting discussions going. They also do some basic moderation.
More can be read here

I'm currently 21 and a Senior at Kansas State University. I work in a software verification research group called Santos Labs and on a project called Carnap (not yet public) aimed at providing a universal proof checker, tools for teaching logic, and to accompany an open source text book being written by the project's founder. I really hope to tell you guys more about Carnap in the future! The work I do for the research group is my boss's research and I am not really supposed to talk about until after things are published so I wont be talking about this as much. I started out in C++, Flash, and VB.NET. I now mostly use Scala, Haskell, and Coq at work and on personal projects. I got help on this forum when I was a beginner and it really shaped who I am today. I hope to help do the same for you!

While I am mostly interested in programming languages, mathematical logic and related topics I can also answer some basic questions about computability, complexity, finite automata, and some other traditional theoretical computer science topics.

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