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Recover formatted data without operating system

Posted 19 September 2015 - 04:16 AM

I opened diskpart and did next:

>list disc
>select disk 0 (partition D with files)
>list partition
>select partition 4 (100GB free partition - nothing on it)
>convert gtp

DONE. After i tried to install new os and on my surprise , there was only one partition (with no files on it).

And now, when i have no OS, is there a app that I can use on USB to recover formated data?

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Re: Recover formatted data without operating system

Posted 22 October 2017 - 07:18 AM

Converting to GPT are on whole disk level, not partition. You can use Windows Vista/7/10 (best option is Vista SP1 and Windows 7 with some limitations) DVD to use GUI (you can try its recovery since Windows OS did something, maybe put wrong GUID or something else tat can be fixed easy), for example click to repair, for partition or system restore select nothing, get to CMD, launch eg. 7-ZIP from USB Stick to serve as Explorer to navigate trough files, launching applications and similar.

Windows doesnt support GPT too good, after fixes, you may be able to run everything, but problems with partitions and OS installations will least until full disk wipe out.

You can try to recover MBR with various CD ISO tools, like RescueCD, Ultimate Boot or similar, but if you didnt do it and you wont know what you are doing, there are lots of chances that you will mess up, if MBR/GPT are damaged, maybe it will be able to recover. Converting something into GPT without full format are not smart move, thats not something like FAT32 to NTFS convert.

Its usually the best to get that HDD out from PC, write as less as possible data to it (to not overwrite erased/hidden/lost files with new files), connect it to another PC (laptop is a good option with good battery).
If you want to forget MBR, you may try with low level recovery at the beginning of a disk, to search MBR and its data structure information, or even whole drive (may take a week), according to that, all files would be able to recover at high speed (like copy/paste speed), so you can save it somewhere safe (another HDD, USB...).
If it doesnt help, you will take a look into deeper files, where each sector are gonna be scanned multiple times to reveal all possible information he has, that scan can take months, in the end software will guess what are the files and their extensions, that files can be damaged or cut in half or so (specially noticed on video and pictures), he may try to guess how to make them readable at all, but none of them will have a name, each file will have its number in order, and since this way from 1TB disk you can pull out 1EB of files, you have to know what you are looking for, some extension, context, anything.

So, try to fix MBR/GPT (find bootable ISO images on internet to fix it, you can try Windows Repair too) and try low-level recovery (find it on the internet) ASAP (scan can take 1-2 hours or so, and there is a big chance to recover them all ATM).
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Re: Recover formatted data without operating system

Posted 22 October 2017 - 11:05 PM

clean does not work on partitions it erases whole disks..

you did this >> select disk 0

>> clean

which erased disk 0

what you need is a portable app that you can put on a usb stick..


to recover data on hard drive if at all possible, which it might not be....
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