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Getting started with Wolfram

Posted 06 November 2015 - 05:52 AM


I already sometimes spotted the name of the programming language 'Mathematica', and today I decided to do some research and found out the actual language is 'The Wolfram Language'. I already tried some simple scripts and found out it actually was an interesting language.

However, I only tested a few things on this page:

I was wondering, is it also possible to write in this language outside the Cloud platform? Working with Wolfram offline in a text-editor/IDE?

Also, can I hook it up with languages like Python and C++? I already found out it was possible with Python, but only sending requests to the cloud server. The user wouldn't be able to launch the program offline. C++ is only MatLab? Does it have (approximately) the same syntax then the original Wolfram Language? So I can also make a kind of binary of interpreted file like you do in some other languages; and people can launch it without internet connection?

Anything else I need to know about it?
Is it really something useful, or is it only for some quick testing purposes?
Are there better languages or alternatives who work with math this way (and so easy)?


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