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Oracle SQL Data Dictionary

Posted 03 December 2015 - 04:42 AM

I have 4 tables called; (to make the post easier to understand) a,b,c and d.

I have created a data dictionary for them all with all attributes and other information needed, I am confused on whether or not I have to include my many-to-many tables (e.g. a_B) into the data dictionary too?

Also, do I need to have the many-to-many tables in the oracle database too?


Sorry that should be (e.g. a_ B)*.. its turned it into a emoji >.<


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Re: Oracle SQL Data Dictionary

Posted 06 December 2015 - 07:20 AM

I don't understand what you're trying to do, as you give no example. What do you mean by "data dictionary"? Is this just documentation (and what level of documentation), or something in an electronic form that other software will be using? More importantly, how do you intend to use (or intend for others to use) this data dictionary? (answering this for yourself just might answer your own question)

You say you only have four tables, but then you seem to imply that you have other tables as well. You need to be clear in your problem description about what you have and what you want.

We can't tell you if you need many-to-many tables. That depends upon whether or not your data model calls for them. If you're asking whether Oracle has some kind of way to represent a many-to-many relationship without creating a separate table, the answer is no.
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