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Design Pattern Resources

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Posted 02 December 2007 - 12:39 AM


Design Pattern Resources


Bruce Eckel wrote and made available on the net a book titled, "Thinking in C++" (affectionately called TIC) that was my main resource for a couple of years. One day I was trying to download "Thinking in Java" when I noted a new title: "Thinking in Design Patterns" -- this was my first introduction to design patterns. Well, I should have said, "this was my first formal introduction to design patterns" because I had of course run across them in OO design books but I had not picked up the concept of reusable solutions.

Design Patterns are about capturing reusable solutions to software engineering problems. These solutions, once identified, can be captured and described in an abstract language (well this is a bit of a fuzzy area) and then applied in a number of different languages. Most design patterns are actually a subset of Object Oriented (OO) design though it should be noted that technically design patterns are not limited to only OO design.

Design patterns can be wonderful. In C++ they can often help solve problems of memory management, in Java they have been put to use in some very powerful frameworks. However, they can also overly complicate code, lead to code bloat, produce slow and unproductive programmers. -- i.e. try to use them when they are appropriate, make your code more elegant and maintainable,
allow you to speed up your development process..... on and on and on... when it is good design to do so.

To that end I would like list some resources to learning how to use design patterns:

There are a number of books that should be considered when working with Design Patterns, the most important is:
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
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A really good java resource is:
Head First Design Patterns: This is a pretty good book for understanding what is going on with design patterns in java.

For EJB developers:
EJB Design Patterns @ A downloadable e-book. I have not read over it yet so I can't really comment.

Thinking in Patterns for Java

Here on DIC you can find tutorials on:
The Command Pattern by Bench.

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Posted 11 June 2011 - 08:22 AM

I found Thinking in C++ a very good read. If you follow along and do some of the exercises, you can really learn alot. I had experience with C/C++ before I read the book, but it contains a boatload of information. I especially liked volume 2 that goes into the STL, templates and template meta-programming, design patterns, and multi-threading. Best of all it's FREE. Thanks for this post, I hadn't seen the "Thinking in Patterns" book, I'm checking it out now.
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