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IP Addressing Scheme

Posted 02 January 2016 - 12:57 PM

When creating a IP addressing Scheme for a enterprise that wants to connect to the internet, are these the steps that should be taken to accomplish said task? It should be developed by a suitable fixed-length-subnet mask UP addressing scheme and should assign addresses to all subnets and router connections.

1. Design an initial physical network based on workgroups
2. Identify (a) number of subnets, and (B) the largest subnet(s)
3. Compute the subnet and supernet masks
4. Compute address utilisation (Terminate on optimal design)
5. Revisit physical design segmenting largest subnet(s)
6. Goto Step 2.

The reason i ask this is because I am developing a public IP addressing scheme that allows a company to connect to the internet, the company has 3 sites, site 1 has 100 staff, site 2 has 30 staff and site 3 has 4 workgroups; workgroup 1 has 12 staff, workgroup 2 has 75 networked printers, workgroup 3 has 16 scanners, and workgroup 4 has 10 staff support. Site 1 and 2 are connected via leased line, and site 3's workgroups are connected together via local backbone which allows connects to 2 large servers.

Would the steps 1-6 above help me accomplish the task?

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