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weird transfer speeds

Posted 24 January 2016 - 10:22 AM

Hello people,

Now that I have set up my NAS I have discovered that I had very weird transfer speeds and I would like some insights about it.

I'm going to compare bellow the transfer speeds via SFTP between my home computer, my office computer, my NAS and a VPS hosted by 1&1.

home PC -> VPS (distant) : 25 Kio/s
home PC <- VPS (distant) : 8 Mio/s

home PC -> NAS (local) : 15 Mio/s
home PC <- NAS (local) : 12 Mio/s

home PC -> NAS (distant) : 25 Kio/s
home PC <- NAS (distant) : 6 Mio/s

office PC -> VPS (distant) : 5 Mio/s
office PC <- VPS (distant) : 8 Mio/s

office PC -> NAS (distant) : 70 Kio/s
office PC <- NAS (distant) : 300 Mio/s

When I look at these figures I wonder :

1- Why isn't office PC -> NAS (distant) equal to home PC <- VPS (distant) ? This is the main use I want to make of my NAS so it's a big issue
1- Why is office PC <- NAS (distant) faster than home PC -> VPS (distant) ? This is a mystery to me
3- Why is it so slow to send data from my home PC in any case (25 Kio/s!!!) ?

I have tested HTTP transfer speeds to and from wetransfer as well but they were consistent with the SFTP speeds and they weren't as precise so I've ignored them.

I have also tested my connexion with www.speedtest.ne at home and the site reports 0.67 Mb/s upload speed and 59.23 Mb/s download speed

I checked that there was no transfer speed limit on my router, my FTP clients or my NAS.

What do you think ?

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Re: weird transfer speeds

Posted 03 February 2016 - 08:03 AM

What is your ISP upload speed? This is generally a restricted speed for residential customers, mainly I believe to hinder running file servers/torrenting. It could also just be a simple way to gently push people wishing to run legit services like web/email to a commercial customer base. At either rate, you must remember that the transfer speed of any network is only as fast as the slowest connect on the line. I would start my investigation with the ISP upload speed.
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