low level graphics code for c++

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low level graphics code for c++

Post icon  Posted 05 December 2007 - 01:14 PM

Hope this is the right place for this question.

A long time ago I used Microsoft's Quick c which had low level
graphic code. So I could do the c code to make say tic tac toe play determinations for me and the computer. And then simply continue
on using graphics code to actually make the graphic window and the game play.
Now I have Borland's C++ builder 3, which I have used to also create a c++ program directly. Now I want to simply continue and write the graphics code without going to the Borland "visual" code. But I can not find any direct low level c++ graphic code. Is there such a thing I can load into my borland files so it can compile everything? I can deal a little with Borland's visual side. But I am drawing a blank in accessing graphic code that way. Or is it that one just can't do the same thing I did with quck c?

Thank you for your help


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