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Android application to iOS and maintaining

Posted 10 February 2016 - 04:12 PM


I was wondering. If you'd be coding an application for Android fully in Java, and then you also want to make it available for iOS. You'd need to recode the WHOLE application from Java to Objective-C/Swift.

It'd be better if you'd be able to code the engine in a language like C++ and then code the GUI in Java or Swift relative to the OS. The GUI is less work anyway (just objects with properties which need to trigger a function or hold data).

But my question is, how would you do that? I've seen people mixing up different languages in one project but besides using pipelines or a text-file to exchange variable-values I have absolutely no idea about how to do this.

What is the most professional way to use C++ for the engine and Objective-C/Swift and Java for the GUI?
Android and iOS have different APIs, so wouldn't I in fact end up with two engines anyway? Can't I use the two APIs in one engine but only use the iOS one if iOS is detected?


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