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Need Help With PHP, Pagination, MySQL

Posted 28 February 2016 - 10:38 AM

Hi programming friends,

So I'm new to web development. I've been making desktop applications in VB.NET & designing websites for a while now, but I need to build a few websites & take it to the next level with web development.

I'm trying to build a site that helps like music producers with Virtual Studio Technology instruments. All I really need for this type of site to have is images in a eCommerce type of layout where users can click on the images or "view details" button to read more about the "VSTi's" & click the download link to download the files.

I would like for the site to have a PHP Pagination pulling from a MySQL Database, possibly a star rating system, & comments section so that people can rate the "VSTi's" after downloading & trying them. I need something simple & easy, similar to this site here:


Posted Image

As you can see, the site above has a nice little star rating system with comments section & pagination going on.

So my questions are:

1. If I wanted to learn to code these types of functions, where is a good starting point for me?

2. I've looked for training videos (tutorials) on YouTube, but wasn't able to find something that quite matched what I've seen on the website that I've mentioned above. What is a good learning resource as far as videos go? Anybody know of any video that can help me with these types of functions?

3. What is a great book/books to get to learn how to create a similar site?

I would appreciate the help. I'm just really interested in learning, getting my feet white at this point. Thanks again for any support.

pagination, mysql, php, database

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Re: Need Help With PHP, Pagination, MySQL

Posted 28 February 2016 - 10:50 AM

Have you checked out the pinned thread Start Here?
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