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Posted 25 May 2016 - 10:11 PM

I think I may have killed my Visual Studio installation by accident. (All in the meanwhile of trying to solve the problem that I think ReSharper was preventing me from editing my code after a debug session.)

Right now I'm trying to open a VisualBasic project/solution (*.sln) file in Visual Studio Community 2015. However, when I open the file... I'm given an error that the file is "incompatible" and cannot be open. This despite me being able to see the full source coding in plain text view. I can't open the file for compiling or anything. When the file is opened, I get the following error:

Posted Image

Additionally, when I go to create a `New Project` in VS2015, I briefly see the option window to create one but I'm treated to the following error message:

Posted Image

I've tried to reinstall/uninstall VS2015 and even went so far as to use tools like IOBit Uninstall and the commandline "`vs_community.exe /force /uninstall`" on the original installer. This cleans the installation and I even restart my PC, but I still can't open nor create a project. Besides completely reinstalling Windows and wiping the hard drive, I have no idea what else to do. Additionally I deleted the directory that was used to hold it. After I deleted the directory, I used a registry cleaner to clean anything else up that may have been left behind.

After even more cleaning and wiping... When I did eventually get to the menu to create a new solution, Nothing looks like it should. (That is instead of the little icons which pop up, I get gobbledygook (in English), weird icons, and non-sense texts that describe the templates... but no actually way to create anything.

What other steps can I do to get around this problem? (If it helps, each time I go to reinstall, I make sure to choose all Programming Languages and the project I'm trying to open is a Visual Basic WinForm project.)

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