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Coldfusion 11 - neo-datasource.xml or someplace else?

Posted 27 May 2016 - 04:50 PM

We are running 6 fully loaded coldfusion servers. Besides the constant issues we have we have a new one that recently started happening.

We are maxed out apparently on how many datasources we can add. When we add anymore they are not found by the coldfusion server.

We have two servers that when we add a datasource to one of the servers it gets added to the second server and we can not seem to figure out how that is even possible.

The neo-datasource.xml file does not match our Admin datasources either. We have more datasources in our neo-datasource.xml file then we do in the actual Admin interface.

Can someone please explain how coldfusion stores the datasource information? Does it use the neo-datasource.xml or does it store the datasources some place else.?

How can two seperate servers share the same datasources? When we delete one in one Admin interface it deletes it from both plus if we add it then it will add to both servers.

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Re: Coldfusion 11 - neo-datasource.xml or someplace else?

Posted 01 June 2016 - 07:00 AM

Hi tekati and welcome to DIC!

So, to my best understanding, CF stores the datasource specs in the neo-datasource.xml file as you guessed. As far as I know, there is no maximum number of datasources you can create and use with CF. That said, your post mentions first 6 servers then 2 servers and the way you describe what's happening it seems you're running in a load balanced or clustered environment.

You CAN add datasources by manually editing the neo-datasource.xml file but you should also be able to add them via the Admin interface/API. That said, have you tried shutting down the CF instance, editing the neo-datasource.xml file to add the new datasource info and restarting the cluster/application? The ColdFusion server where you are creating the new datasource should be stopped to avoid having ColdFusion overwrite your changes with a copy it already has in memory.

Also, I did a little Googling and came across a code snippet that should programmatically list out all the datasources your application has available to it. If there is some kind of limit in the Admin interface, this should circumvent that:
	datasources = createobject("java","coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory").getDatasourceService().getDatasources();
	for(i in datasources) {
			//decrypt pass

Bottom line though: maybe it's time to do some clean up in the admin space. I'm sure there is a valid business reason to have all those datasources but perhaps the real solution is to consolidate that data in a single database or group of databases so that you're not using CF as the ad hoc data management tool. That sort of functionality it typically done by the DBA by creating aliases in a database you already have access to or writing queries that access other databases that machine can see.

Regardless, please post your findings, results, successes and/or failures here. I've never seen this problem before and it would be helpful to document what you did and tried and what worked and didn't work for you.

Good luck!
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