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Keywords, Desctiption, Title, Page Rank

Post icon  Posted 16 December 2007 - 04:40 AM

Hello All,

I have a site at http://www.TechnicalTalk.net/

Can anybody tell me the keywords, descriptions, and title used on home page and inside pages are proper or not.

Actually on some pages the keywords are repeated ( I mean many pages have same keywords), So will it affect the SEO ?

How can I increase the Page Rank for my Site ?

Any advanced users in this forum can help me.
Thanks in Advance. :)

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Re: Keywords, Desctiption, Title, Page Rank

Posted 16 December 2007 - 11:43 AM

From what I see you have some pretty decent keywords and descriptions. But keep in mind that they are pretty general so they may get lost in broader searches like for instance you have "PHP" well, if someone searches for PHP they are going to get major PHP pages before they will reach your site. You could try tailoring the keywords more specific to your site's real content like if you discuss a lot about PHP and its impact on remote connections you could try "PHP remoting" etc.

But overally they are good. Just keep in mind that while meta tags were once the most popular form of search engines indexing your site, sites like Google and Yahoo put meta tags in as only a small variable in a much larger equation.

What you will want to target is Google's pagerank. Pagerank is the rank your site has based on the number of sites that link to yours, that are relevant to yours and are also popular.

For instance... you talk about programming. If you had 3 sites like PHP.net, daniweb.com, and Experts-exchange all linking to your site, Google would see that as "hey, that site is pretty important because big sites are linking to it" and your page rank would go up.

On the flip side if you had 10 sites that had nothing to do with programming and each probably saw 10 visitors a day, your page rank would be much lower.

So to increase your site's traffic it is important to forge great links with other popular sites that deal in your own realm of discussion. For your site you might want to link to popular web boards that also talk technical.

Another way to increase page rank is to make sure that the content on your pages stay on topic and keeps content relevant to your realm of discussion. More topics you have on your board talking about PHP for example will help your page rank when it comes to people looking for PHP information.

It is said that Google's algorithm has as many as 700+ variables including meta tags, page titles, relevant content, who is linking to the site etc. All come together to form your overall rank. So the more you can increase each variable, the higher you can climb.

Hopefully that is enough information to give you an idea of how to advertise your site more effectively.

Thanks for dropping by. :)
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