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Code Samples: What should you show?

Posted 10 September 2016 - 07:38 AM

Personally I have been getting asked a lot about Code Samples by more junior level colleagues, so I figured I would share my answer here, and hopefully help someone :)

The idea of a code sample is to show that you really know the language, as well as coding style and readability. Yes, I want to see that you are using real variable names and not var a = 1, but what I really want to see is a mastery of the language itself.

How do you show a mastery of a language in a short sample? Well, that depends on the job. I am going to use the most recent example I helped with, which was for a job centered around Windows Phone app development. To show a mastery of c# and XAML, we grabbed a few different snippets of code. Things like Live Tiles, using the Network, Notifications, etc. This shows an employer that you know the ins and outs of the framework and tools.

Web development is a subject that I find a lot of lacking code samples in. Do not send in a static page, or something that doesn't do anything. Show that you know database connections, and show that you understand using session variables, cookies, etc.

These are the things employeers want to see. We know that you can make a static page (or hope) if you applied to the job. Send us code that sets you apart. Show us your expertise in the array. If the job requires jQuery knowledge, show us you have it. If the job requires SQL, don't show us commands, show us stored procedures, triggers, scalar and table functions, etc.

Hopefully this helps some of you looking for a job, and if you have other suggestions or language specific things you like to see please feel free to add them!

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