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MonogameThrowing System.TypeInitializationException When Playing Audio

Posted 12 September 2016 - 06:41 AM

Hello everyone,

I recently switched a vb.net project from XNA to monogame. I was very pleased with how easy the transition was, however, I have run into a slight issue with my game's audio. Every time I try to play a sound I get a "System.TypeInitializationException" error. It doesmt seem to give me any other useful information. The code to activate my sound (which is what throws the error) is like so:

and the code that loads the sound in Globals.Sounds is like so:
Public Shared MenuBump As SoundEffect = Content.Load(Of SoundEffect)("Sound/menubump")

This worked just fine in vanilla XNA. I hope i'm missing something simple. Any ideas?

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