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Startup: Translation Tools needs some help, if any

Posted 10 December 2016 - 12:59 PM

Hello everybody,

well, if I am here in this section you may know what I am posting :)

It has been a year now that I started working on a new personal project called TranslationsCloud.
In particular this new "startup", if we can say, is dedicated to webmasters and forum/websites/blogs owners.

What this service is about? We provide Translation Tools - in order to help everybody to translate their own websites or having multilingual boards. Thanks to this service (and plugins, APIs, etc..) you can manage all the translations of your websites and/or realize multi-lingual topics, so that each member will see the message in his/her language.

I leave you the link (i hope this is not considered as SPAM, it is just to give an idea: https://www.translationscloud.com)

Note: it is not a robot-translations such as google.. here you need a translation team and real people to manage your translation tool.

AFTER this short introduction, I am here because I need for some help... I already did a lot, but I can't do everything on my own, and I would like to find someone to share my project with.

For this, I am looking for some help such as:
  • Community managers
  • Beta testers
  • Translators (just to translate our website and client panel, not for customers)
  • Publishers (to create tutorials, FAQs, etc..)

Of course, if you are good at promotional/marketing topics... you can help us too :)

I hope I will find someone to help me, because I think this can be a great innovation in web development :D

Thanks for your time! ;)
Have a nice day!

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