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Help with moving / writing files in c#

Posted 14 December 2016 - 02:59 AM


i need help with moving and writing files from my local server. I am a total c#/c++ noob but i program web-based suff. So i know programming just not those 2 languages.

Im currently using This . It really helps alot because i dont have to manually do backups / copy files.

I would really like to have a form for it though. As in - you can click " backup " or " write files " etc. Also i need to come up with a way to check if files are being transfered / written.

I appreciate any help i can get. Thank you.

Best Regards.

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Re: Help with moving / writing files in c#

Posted 14 December 2016 - 07:04 AM

Looks like you just copied and pasted without taking time to understand the code. If you really are using that code, it actually notifies of its progress thereby accomplishing your need to determine if files are being transferred or written.

Since you are starting from scratch and you already know web based technologies, skip using WinForms and go straight to WPF or Xamarin. These two will match up more with your web development experience where things are done in a declarative manner rather than a procedural manner.
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