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New Framework Idea

Posted 21 December 2016 - 10:59 AM

I recently started developing a framework for PHP and Javascript. I have some information about it on configdev.com. I am about halfway done with it. I was wondering what the community thinks of my concept for this framework. I would also like to ask, if anyone has anything they like or dislikes about frameworks they use? What is your ideal framework? I am trying to create something that removes all that redundant coding we do on a daily basis and reduces the frustration that comes with all the complications of working with even our best frameworks. So, basically, I want to know what you want so I can create a framework that you will not only all use, but really enjoy. I think Laravel is by far the best framework out there for PHP, just my opinion. I also think that as good as it is, there could still be something better, I'm never satisfied.

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