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2d VB6 game project

Posted 23 December 2016 - 02:44 PM

Turn Based Game Engine (update 1.00.0481 + models and sounds) - Knights Of Realm - demo
Anyone who would like to develop 2d game or share opinion on this open source project are welcome to check here:
Actual version is: 1.00.0481,archive with used aoi models and additional sounds,

data1 folder (fonts, icons), data2 folder (sounds), data3 folder (map, units and settings files), data4 folder (images), Project1.vbp, Project1.vbw, Form1.frm, Form1.frx, Form2.frm, readme.txt

Some controls: move map - mouse\ arrows keys, check grid - lmb, uncheck grid - rmb, spacebar\green arrow icon- focus on player\next unit, tab - on\off grid, m - music on\off, c - clouds on\off, enter\ timer icon - restore move\attack points\end turn, esc - menu, del key in menu -default configuration\ delete save

Thanks, Krzysiek

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