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Sub Zero - A Community driven game development project

Posted 01 January 2017 - 10:37 PM

Hey Guys and Gals,

I am here to introduce Sub Zero, which from now, is a community driven game development project. I've been working hard to bring the project to a stage past the common stand stills for community game development projects that start from scratch.

This project is not starting from scratch. Apart from the services to work on Sub Zero, I have been working hard creating features that make the game somewhat playable already, such as Dialogue, Inventory and Quests.

We are seeking passionate hobbyist, professional and indie game developers to join our community to work on a fun and collaborative project.

We have a 95% complete Game Design Document, so to avoid any confusion and misdirection.

This is not a paid job, it's an open source, community collaborative project.

The project is remote, based on our forums.

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Programming Language: C++ or their Visual Blueprint System
Version Control System: Github
Communication: Open Community Forums

Little bit about the project story


Sub Zero takes you on an epic journey to save humanity from damnation, aboard mammoth city sized submarines that are diving to the brink of insanity, against a dangerous and menacing foe.

“To the depths of insanity, for preservation.” – Sub Zero


The date is 2146; the remnants of humanity have been living beneath the seas for 101 years. During this time, they have adapted to their new living conditions, and somewhat of routine have fallen in place.
No-one on board the submarines remembers what it was like before the war, and there are no known survivors left.

If you are interested in working on Sub Zero, please join the forums @ http://www.darkrisingstudios.com or if you have any questions, please leave them here and I will try to answer them as quickly as I can.

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