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Microsoft Approves Thai Government's Root Certificate

Posted 27 January 2017 - 08:28 PM

Linked from a news website, I read earlier today on Toms Hardware that Microsoft has approved the Thai Government's Root Certificate. Yikes.


Thai Governmentís Tight Grip On Internet Companies
According to Privacy International, the political environment in Thailand right now is such that it would be difficult for companies to deny a data request, because there isnít a strong legal framework in place thatís also well enforced. In other words, companies canít bet on having the law on their side over there.

The non-profit organization said that the revolving door between the government and the telecommunications industry ensures that any company operating on the internet there would be under the tight grip of the Thai government. Privacy International believes that the 30 minute shutdown of Facebook in Thailand during the military coup was the governmentís attempt to circumvent the serviceís encryption with the help of ISPs.

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