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Game industry shifting to the web - end of retail?

Posted 10 April 2017 - 06:25 AM

Just wanted to discuss this with someone - it seems the industry is shifting to the web, instead of box games - the recent introduction of WebAssembly is the catalyst to this, I think (now, tons of C++ programmers can recompile for the browser at a click). I just wanted to know WHAT THE SITUATION IS - is this, in fact, true? The benefit, obviously, is that a website cannot be cracked (well, unless someone breaks into the server) - so we all stand to benefit from this. Does this mean the end of physical retail?
And - MOST important question: what will the PRICE of these new web games be, and will they be available all over the world (ie. you can pay from whatever country)? What does a consumer do in parts of the world where there is no fast internet?
I would like to know how it is in YOUR country (please mention where you are when replying) - where things stand right now, and where they're going.....


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