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Serious Mailchimp bug

Posted 26 April 2017 - 02:57 AM

If this is posted in the wrong sub-forum, feel free to move it.

I've encountered a lot of bugs in Mailchimp (appropriate name for the service), but my most recent one is the most serious, and it's a big obstacle for further work. Any help would be appreciated (there's no free support service for Mailchimp).

Short description: When I import contacts to one of my groups, with CSV files, Mailchimp says that the import is successful, but none of the contacts are actually added to the group. I have these contacts saved in Mailchimp already, but they're currently not in groups, and I can only add them to groups one by one, which is not an option for me.

Long description: Earlier, everything worked fine, I could import contacts to group and everything. Then I wanted to make a signup form, and I wanted to remove some of the checkboxes for the possible groups that one can subscribe to. In the end, I ended up deleting the whole element of checkboxes (because I was gonna try to re-add it with fewer groups selected), but, unknown to me, this little change in the design of the signup form actually deleted the actual Mailchimp groups.

So, after accidentally deleting them, I ended up just adding add the 2 checkboxes that I wanted, and tried subscribing with an email address just to see what happened. Groups were then created based on those 2 checkboxes, and that email address got subscribed in the chosen group.

As for the rest of the groups that were deleted, those which are not supposed to be in the signup form, I re-made them, and added them in a new group category.

Subscribing to one of the 2 groups through the signup form works, but now I can't import CSV-contacts into any group at all, neither the 2 checkbox groups (which have their own group category) nor the ones in the other group category. Again, when I try to import, Mailchimp says the import is successful, but none of them are actually added to the chosen group.

I'd be eternal grateful if someone's got a solution for this.

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