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Calling Norway international

Posted 13 May 2017 - 09:53 AM


I've got a question about mobile numbers.
I live in Belgium and am wondering on how to call mobile number's from Norway.

This is the number from Norway (I changed a few numbers at the end):
0047 95 18 22 50

I added this number, but it ain't showing up in Whatsapp, I know sure the number is right.
How to write this number so it's recognized international?
Also, for Norway do I need one zero (047) or two zeros (0047)?
Or maybe +47?


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Replies To: Calling Norway international

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Re: Calling Norway international

Posted 13 May 2017 - 10:59 AM

The way you dial out to an international number is different based on the country you are calling from. Commonly countries either use double zeros (old-school) or a plus (for more modern devices), but that is by no means guaranteed. The US, for example, uses (or at least: used) 011 as an international dialing code, if I recall.

The exact format of the number in the receiving country is also not standardized. For instance, UK numbers typically start with a 0 when dialing locally, but international callers should not include that after the international prefix. (01234 would become 00441234")

So, to sum up: It's complicated.

My suggestion would be to try first 0047 and +47, followed by the Norwegian number. If there is anything in front of the local number (like the 0 in my UK example) remove that as well. If that doesn't work, maybe your country or phone company uses it's own exit codes, not the standards.
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