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Double Gateway, Double External IPs and Tripple DNS Issue

Posted 02 June 2017 - 12:10 PM

Im not sure if this thread is in the right place, and it will be mess for someone who are not into networks.

Will start with my classic setup that works fine. Own a domain complex-server.xyz, thats linked to DarkTech DNS (im also making new Client Update software for them) that always knows my external Dynamic IP, so anyone around the internet can connect to my router, who has DMZ to my internal IP, so everyone can access to server/host. Including some other things like offline handlers, etc. that DtDNS offer. However, im not home ATM for next 3 months, everything worked fine, until previous Cisco updates (its doing automatic update/firmware/etc. on its own every several months or so, when new IP has been gained), and here comes problem...
Connection is optical, 100MBPS, with static IP address, everything is configured fine, UPNP, NAT, DMZ, DHCP, whatever else, and worked fine.

Here is a problem... I will put it from your perspective, my external IP are (all sites say the same, but ipconfig on all Windows OS Computers are unable to show external IP, other softwares are unable to figure out my external IP), however, myip.dtdns.com and icanhazip.com for my external IP return ",", and they are both static.
IDK how to explain it, in most TV scenarios, usually internet connections goes to Router, then Router will give it to other devices, including TV, but this is inverted, connection goes to TV receiver first, with external IP, DNS, and, however it have mask for some reason, and Gateway
It gives connection to the Cisco Router, who have external IP, mask (im using, classic Gateway, same ISP DNS, but im using Comodo DNS ( and for little security and to avoid this mess of ISP DNS.

From my side, visiting my external IP doesnt lead to Router or Server, instead, visiting external IP of a TV thats, leads to Router, who leads to my Server, only locally, not from external for the internet, and ping from Router to TV receiver is around 450-2500MS, while from Router to the internet is 6MS. I tried to configure both Gateways ( and, ineffective, of course doesnt working.

At the beginning i tough its DtDNS who maybe got some problems, but its working fine, all 3-6 Domain NS are fine, then i check domain, same, it works fine, so i put server offline via DtDNS. Subdomain zap.complex-server.xyz got fastest record, not working, subdomain with big delay 666.complex-server.xyz works with external IP for maybe 5min, and its unavailable same as everything else.

In short, TV got external IP for channels and it provide internet connection to the Router with different external IP, however, from your side of the internet, trying to connect to the Router is declined by TV (trace route showing several more similar IPs same as TV external IP and his DNS), and accessing to the TV is also declined (or nonsense thing to do). Receiver doesnt have any options to configure, so i have to relay on Router and Server configurations or so.

IDK if i explained it fine, probably with some scheme/video drawing it should be easier to explain, i will try to make it if necessary, so ask questions if you have, any help is welcome.

Thank you.

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