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openvpn sertificate 0 bytes

Posted 07 June 2017 - 09:36 AM

Hi, I am running a openvpn server where create certs and put on pcs. I noticed that after unplug and plug network cable to server that now 0 bytes sertificate is creating. In keys folder i notice that allways with sertificate generating a .pem file. Now there is no .pem file, only 4 files .ovpn, .key and so on. Where can be mistake? I try on virtual machine with my /var/www and with my /etc/openvpn folders and its working, but on live machine dont and it is a big problem.
If I restart service this will be a little problem for customers, but if thats only solution i will do it, but maybe some of you can tell me what to try. I tried to remove index.txt file in keys folder but not working.

Thanks in advance!

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