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Programming languages website - need a help

Posted 18 June 2017 - 06:06 AM

My website is a site intended for programmers that describes the basic commands for multiple programming languages.
From two perspectives: commands(http://ctp.mkprog.com/en/) and keywords (http://key.mkprog.com/en/)
Curiosities: the example programs on the site are all "clickable", which means that commands in the example program are links.So you can easily get more information.
What do I need?
Opinion about the website:
What is good, what's wrong, usability, design on desktop/mobile version...
Thanks in advance

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Re: Programming languages website - need a help

Posted 18 June 2017 - 11:04 AM

I have to say I am a bit impressed at the scope of things you have put together already. To put together such a resource is certainly a huge undertaking and will surely be a challenge to keep up to date over time. However, I commend you on what you have so far.

Of course putting something like this together is going to have obvious mistakes or flaws just because of the shear scope and depth of the topics. For instance in the C# == operator page http://ctp.mkprog.co...sharp/equal_to/ you have inputs being listed as "any number". Well we all know you can, and often do, use == with various operands including strings, bools, doubles etc. So "any number" is not exactly accurate.

I have to say I find the commands version much more useful than the keywords just because the keywords, as you have it presented, really mixes the languages together and is a bit confusing.

Some of the elements on the page could use some nice padding and better spacing and the text on some of the pages could have a better "typography flow". At times it feels like the text is all jammed together and makes it hard to scan for what you might be looking for.

The coding examples on various pages have alignment issues or are inconsistent. You show an if statement with no curly braces, but then have an else attached that does. The indentation on some of the examples is also a bit out of whack.

Overall though, I have to give you props on the breadth of content you have and covering so many languages. Good job on that.
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