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Learning Strategies

Posted 06 July 2017 - 11:55 AM

I already posted about UWP in another thread, but I wanted to start a new thread with a focus on one particular subject, learning strategies, applying not only to UWP, but also to any language, API, or framework that is just as difficult to learn. Now it is not my intention to say that learning such things is difficult, but I have run into certain problems trying to learn how to develop apps for the Universal Windows Platform, and I need help to solve them.

In the past when I needed to learn a new language, framework, library, or API, I would either read books or tutorials, (I did not always read them straight through or read each chapter or section in order), writing small projects to apply what was taught in them, or looked up what I needed to know while working on a project. Through these methods I learned many new things related to programming.

But now as I try to learn UWP, I am facing a problem, for I can find neither books nor tutorials on the subject which are any good. If there are any good books on UWP, I cannot afford them, and if there any good tutorials, I cannot find them. Although there are a great number of articles on MSDN covering many topics related to UWP app design and development, I find that they are not organized in a way that is helpful to my learning.

There are two sections (and more) of documents about UWP on MSDN, ones covering design and ones covering development. The former provide guidelines for the layout, style, etc of a UWP app; the latter provide information on how to accomplish certain tasks through the UWP APIs. Some times information that should be in the latter is found in the former.

Now this my trouble: I want to develop UWP apps according to the right standards, something which requires me to know all that is contained in the articles on design, but after reading through a number of those documents, I find myself to be forgetting the information; and moreover, as some have advised me, I should not be worrying about design, but learning UWP concepts and APIs by practice through coding until I have a sufficient grasp of them. Unfortunately, there are numerous articles on UWP development in MSDN, and since they are numerous and arranged in no particular order, I do not how to begin.

So should I read through all the documents about UWP on MSDN, trying to commit to memory those things which cannot be coded right away, and applying for practice those things that can? Or should I practice coding all the sections that cover the API and worry about design afterward? And how can I make it through all of the articles covering the APIs? Do programmers ever learn every API in a framework before they begin any serious development? (I am not speaking of every single API, but of those covered in the how-to articles).

There does not seem to be any easy way of getting started with this. Either something is different about learning UWP, or I am no longer learning the way that I used to.

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Re: Learning Strategies

Posted 06 July 2017 - 12:12 PM

What APIs are you talking about?

There are quite a few C# 6/ .NET Core 1.0 / Universal Windows Platform app books out there with a decent amount of positive reviews and recent. Between the used versions and new most hover around 30-40ish bones. Seems reasonable.

Hells bells.. I punched in "msdn blog uwp tutorial" to my punch card search engine and came up with a lot of new, well written, material. Even Microsoft Virtual Academy has a bulk of "where to start with UWP" options.


It's not like Microsoft is keeping UWP a secret, right? Their tech evangelists are not hoarding the info.
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Re: Learning Strategies

Posted 07 July 2017 - 10:35 AM

If you're new to programming, then forget about standards. Just code stuff and get used to the process first. Standards can come later when you are more familiar with the process of design to debug.
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