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Looking for developer/cofounder for new economic web-system

Posted 11 July 2017 - 04:33 AM

Hello community,

I'm excited and hyped to finally announce a project I was thinking about and planning for months, but never really had the time to start it up. Now the time has come to start my project with code name "Scrimper".

General project overview
First of I'd like to shortly introduce the project by providing some general overview about it.
Scrimper will be an economic life management system. What the hell is that? Well, it's actually easy to undestand. Let me provide you with a real life example:
Everyone of us has to earn and spend money in some way to be able to keep ourselfes alive and to fulfil our dreams. The optimization of this workflow of income and expenses without any assistance or proven solution is really hard and maybe not even possible at all. Because of that reason, household account books are existing and of course apps that provide the same functionalities, even with some additional features. The functionalities, offered by the previously mentioned solutions are great but there is still so much to improve, simplify and optimize. Now is the time, where "Scrimper" comes into play.
"Scrimper" offers kind of the same functionalities like household account books and existing apps, but steps the game up by providing additional functionalities that help us to spend our money and time more efficiently without much effort we have to put into it. It's a system which develops and optimizes our life and money workflow by itself over time. The system could offer the integration of manufacturer-, vendor-data and services. The application itself will be a web-application which can be deployed as mobile app as well. Potential customers: Everyone, even companies.
Now you are probably wonderning how "Scrimper" should actually be able to do this and what are the functionalities its providing for it. I really would like to tell you more about project "Scrimper", but it is some kind of solution which has the potential to generate a serious income and because of that reason it will be keept privately for now. At least for the public community it's keept rather general and short. Everyone who really want's to work with me on this project will of course get an in-depth overview on what's planned and how it can be implemented. It's currently in a state where a lot can still change and I'd only like to provide in-depth details about it, when we have something to show to the public community and some kind of proof of concept.

Who am I
I'm a software developer from germany. Software development is my job of choice, it's my true passion which provides me the possiblities to transform my ideas into reality.
For over seven years, I'm working as a professional software developer. Because I do work as a remote employee for my current company, it's no problem for me to work with people spreaded all over the world. Working with people of different cultures and countries is something I do enjoy and don't want to miss anymore. I'm a down to earth guy, who really want's to achieve goals in life and does not want to miss the opportunities that come along the way. That's way I really want to start up this project because it's an opportunity that could change my/our life/s. I'm in my mid twenties and happily married to my wonderful wife.
My main skillset is about .NET, C#, front- and backend-development. ASP.NET WebAPI/MVC/Core and WPF are the technologies I'm really deep into for severall years. The development of enterprise systems and applications by working in an agile way (SCRUM) is my daily business at my current job where I took the lead of our backend solutions.

Why do I need a team for this project?
This project could be a one-man-show, but I do know that a one-man-show is not the ideal way of building something rather big that's need to be properly planned, implemented, tested and published.
Working with other people makes it more enjoyable and will bring up new and maybe even better ideas than one could find out by him-/or herself. Another aspect is the time it takes to build such an application as a side project. I do have other hobbies, a family and things to do at the house, so it would take a very long time to come up with something which has more than just the simple core functionalities. By working together as a team we can build something great when we use our resources properly.

Who do I need for this team?
An additional software developer that knows his/or her tools well and has an advanced knowledge about .NET, C#, design patterns, best practices and testing approaches. Good knowledge about web development would be ideal, you should have at least some experience with web development in a certain way. Optionally you are able to design a responsive web application from ground up. You are highly motiviated, honest and proactively working. You should also have the willingness and time to have a few hours a week to contribute to the project. It would be great when you are actively planning and discussing ideas with me to define a solid foundation and project vision. To have an agile development workflow, I'd like to follow a scrum-like working process. We will be on the same level, except that the final approvement of the project vision is my job.
For the beginning I'd like to work with just one additional developer to build a basic foundation.
Afterwards the team can be extended by a an UI/UX specialist and additional developers, testers, etc.

Proof of concept
The first milestone will be to have some kind of proof of concept to verify the idea and to handle possible adjustments. When the proof of concept fulfils our idea and requirements, then it's time for some serious business. Then the time has come to define the following releases and to extend our team.

The following tools will be used for development:
- Visual Studio 2015/2017
- Visual Studio Team Services
Additional tools will be discussed and integrated when needed.

Current State
Currently I'm collecting my ideas and concepts, writing everything down in form of a product backlog with epics, features and backlog-items.
When the first planning phase is over, I'll setup the development environment (source code repositories, basic structure of the solution, coding guidelines, etc.)

To get in contact with me, please send me an e-mail to [email protected]
When you are interested in joining the project, it's mandatory that you provide some information about yourself. Let me know what your skills are, what you think this project could bring you and why you think you are a matching project member.

Thank you for your attention, I'm looking forward to get in contact with you!

Best regards,

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Re: Looking for developer/cofounder for new economic web-system

Posted 11 July 2017 - 06:35 AM

Now this is a well written group collaborative post! Thanks for that.
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