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Figuring out/maintaining a DB

Posted 14 July 2017 - 01:01 AM


So I have this question and I guess I'm just looking for some sort of reasonable idea of things where I have absolutely none right now. We've recently lost a programmer at work who worked on quite a complex database which was essentially a selection software for the products we sell. It has 5 main products, and about 5000 parts which could be interchanged at various points on each main product. It logs customers, quotes, attaches communications, allows reporting, complex pricing, outputs quotes, has a web-based front end which can be accessed anywhere.

The chap who made it is very capable and qualified and it's a real shame he's had to leave (personal circumstances). I'm not a developer but I dabble in code for work. I also understand the fundamentals of databases quite well.

What I have no idea about is whether or not it's possible for a good quality (well paid) developer to come in and get to grips with the above described software? I mean I appreciate it's likely got a lot to do with how it's written, annotated, 0organised and documented. But assuming there's not much documentation, and assuming that it's well written, but not necessarily well annotated, is it something that a programmer would be able to do? Or would it just be an absolute nightmare and best to start over?

I'm just very curious and eager to find out as soon as possible so I'm asking here as well as elsewhere. Any thoughts would be welcome, I'm obviously not massively knowledgeable.


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Re: Figuring out/maintaining a DB

Posted 14 July 2017 - 05:29 AM


is it something that a programmer would be able to do?

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