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[Programmer and Graphic Artist Needed] Text-Based Gangster Game

Posted 16 July 2017 - 12:23 PM

Looking to get together a small team to create a text based gangster game similar to mafiareturns.com ; barafranca.com ; and mafiamatrix.com

I DO NOT want to do a clone. I want to create our own PBBG game that borrows some of the elements from the other games.

Before I get into game details, I would like to describe what I need first and what roles will be filled.

* Producer/Writer/Game Designer/Partial Coder - Me - To be honest, I do not have extensive experience in PHP, HTML, or CSS. However, I managed several of these games in the past and can dabble in a little coding. I also have a little experience in MySQL, but again not a lot, so I will not be the lead coder. I will handle production and storyline mostly. I will write the story of the game, the bible (tutorial/wiki), as well as flesh out any random events that we want in the game.

On the production side, I will host the website, get the necessary resources. I will also submit our site for advertising as well as on voting websites to get exposure as well. I'll also set up social media, etc.

* Lead Programmer - **VACANT** - This person will be the LEAD programmer and will handle most coding duties. You will need to be experienced in many web based coding languages as well as server side ones (PHP, HTML, AJAX, MySQL. Perl, Java, and others are a plus!). You will also work with me in balancing the coding for attacks, items, cron jobs, and more.

* Lead Graphic Designer / Artist - **VACANT** - This person will lead and handle most of the UI and design aspect of the game. We will discuss user-friendly colors and interface in detail. This person will also handle images in the game as needed such as default profile pics, etc.

* Coders/Designers - **VACANT** - This position will be filled as needed. These people will assist the lead coder and designer in completing projects that will be implemented in-game.

* Admins/Moderators - **NOT OPEN AT THE TIME** - This position will be filled as the game is developed into a playable state. These people will be the first testers of the game and will help us balance it out. They will also Admin and Mod the game when we allow players, in order to maintain a fun and safe environment.

Now I will discuss the game details to answer any potential questions and peak interest.


Persistent Browser Based Game - Text Based with Graphics such as map, avatar/profile pics, etc.

Gangster Theme - Time period can be discussed. But I was thinking of a modern feel. This will allow us to avoid any issues with historical accuracy.

Players will sign up and create an account. They will then create a new player if it is their first time (or died). Players then have a choice. Live a life of crime, a life in law enforcement, or be a business person. From there they will work their way up that path and interact with other players.

The idea is for players to choose an initial lifestyle and see where it leads them. Other players can influence it as well.

For instance, Player A joins as a law enforcement official. He has been doing many jobs and is working his way up the ranks of law officials. Player B is rising to the top as a mobster and has been running his crew for some time. He's ready to expand. Player A is making decent money but knows he can make more. He also has been able to sting some of the other lazy gang players and has drugs that he can turn in or sell. Player A and Player B interact in-game and Player A explains that he can help Player B in his city if Player B promises to keep Player A's pockets filled. Player B agrees and Player A uses his law influence to crackdown on rival gangs giving an advantage to Player B. Meanwhile, after months, Player C who is the Head of Law in that city finds out about Player A and has him killed.

I think it will be interesting how players interact. Who will be snitches or crooked, or actually be loyal to their respective people.

I also want to implement a PVP system in which players can kill each other and death is permanent. If a player dies they must restart only gaining a small bit of money from their previous account.

Below is a basic idea of how different paths can flow:

Crime: Gangster does crimes and ranks up until they can join a crew or create their own. Crews also have their own ranks that players gain XP and work towards. The ultimate goal is to become Godfather or Kingpin of the city and ultimately the game.

Law: Recruit does jobs until they rank up high enough to join a district or become a private investigator. Then they work on missions to take down NPC and real player gangsters/businessmen to gain XP and cash. The ultimate goal is to become Head of a City Department or join the Feds.

Business: Interns start doing 'odd jobs' until they are ranked high enough to work for another business or start their own. Then they continue to do jobs and projects making more cash. The ultimate goal is to become a top business person in your city or join the Illuminati.

And again, every path can interact with each other. For instance, business people can hire police or gangsters to disrupt other businesses, or a business person can kill another business person.


I don't want to bore everyone with details, so if you would like to discuss more, please PM me. I am also working on a GDD so I can organize notes a bit better.

If anyone is interested in working on this project with me, please PM me. I am looking to get the domain name and hosting ASAP so we can get started. I will edit this post and fill positions above as they are filled.

Also if you are wondering how revenue can be paid while still keeping the game enjoyable and not pay to win, I can discuss that as well.

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