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Looking for co-founder for revolutionary app idea

Posted 28 July 2017 - 10:45 PM

Hey there!

I have an idea for an app that could be wildly successful, however I can't code a single line on my own...

Would be excited to hand out co-ownership, etc. to anyone willing to help build the app:

A community involvement app that will safely connect like-minded users together, based on mutual interests.

Main features:

Hangout: Connecting based on categories of interest, such as wanting to play local sports, to finding a church buddy, to college kids needing a study-buddy, to musicians needing to connect, etc. Besides the base mutual interest, there'll be elaborated user profiles to help further identify who you'd connect with. Users can create temporary cliques for other users to join up in group activities.

Groups: Creating groups will allow like minded users to engage in large scale hangouts and discussions. Joining groups can be done openly or invite-only.

User-driven economy: Bolstered by a secure & elaborate Terms Of Service Agreement, Users can make real money by getting creative - from setting up their own business, to renting or selling their personal belongings, to renting out rooms, to posting job requests, etc. All of which will be able to be advertised. Users will also be able to post catch-all urgent help requests here, too.

Tipping: A real life currency tipping system will be available for users sending money to each other - perhaps for a paid service, to donating to a charity, to tipping artists, people offering help, and anyone in between.

Events: Displays all categorized local events for users to connect with. These will be created & broadcasted by groups, local services, and individual users. Adding events to your calendar & sharing events with fellow users will be amongst the main draws of the feature.

Interested? Feel free to further get connected at [email protected] for a deeper established connection beyond Mincode.

Thank you!

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Re: Looking for co-founder for revolutionary app idea

Posted 29 July 2017 - 02:38 AM

Your thread has been moved to our Volunteer Jobs and Collaborative Teambuilding forum. Please remember that threads seeking volunteer help, a group to learn together, or a group to work on a hobbyist project do not belong in the general help forums or our paid jobs forum.
The paid jobs forum is strictly for jobs for which you intend to pay some definite sum in a negotiable currency. Shares in future profits, in-game currencies, and promises of possible employment do not qualify.
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Re: Looking for co-founder for revolutionary app idea

Posted 29 July 2017 - 07:20 AM

Thank you for inviting me to build your app in exchange for equity
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