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Live game server chat & control on website - best way?

Posted 25 August 2017 - 02:32 PM

So: I have a game server which I can freely develop using C++ plugins. I want to make a live game chat on my website & some options for controlling the server (like banning players etc). Just for me and my admins - so only a bunch of people will have access. I have some experience in C++ programming and also socket networking stuff (I even wrote my own 'packetized' TCP networking engine a long time ago) But I have a kinda limited knowledge regarding web development as I have never really liked it, but I'm getting into it and learning very fast.

So I guess I have a few ways of doing what I want, but I'm not sure of any of them. I want to pick the right way to do this - which won't harm the game server much in terms of bandwith/cpu usage and also work good on the website.

1. Using webSockets and a websockets c++ library to connect each user of my web panel to the server and transfer data like chat and send commands to the server. But this generates more and more traffic as more people view the panel (although it's still for a limited group of trusted people, so should I really bother?)

2. Somehow creating only one webSocket/socket connection for the website and server and outputting data to the website users. This way I have only one connection, server sends the chat only once. But I don't really have any idea how I'd do that to keep the connection "alive" for all the users.

3. Sending server chat to the website through HTTP and save it on the website and output it to the users. This also limits the traffic, but now I need to figure out how to send commands to the server, open a socket connection, send the command and close the connection? This will create a lot of short-lived connections.

I cannot think of anything more I could describe. What would you choose? Or can you think of some better way of doing this?

Important info: the website and game server are on totally different servers, therefore only way to transfer data from each other is by doing

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