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VS Code vs VS

Posted 13 September 2017 - 03:00 PM

Am I missing something glaringly obvious? We pay a lot of money for Visual Studio licences but now we have Visual Studio Code.

When VS Code was first released there were (obviously) limited extensions for it. Now there are professional level extensions, and standard features, for anything we could possibly desire:

  • Git integration
  • There's a Team Services extension
  • C# coding extensions
  • Yeoman scaffolding
  • C# and Javascript debugging
  • Etc.

There are database extensions and even one for REST calls.

Visual Studio and its licence offers:

  • Many advanced features which most people don't use
  • Team Services accounts
  • Pluralsight access
  • Razor intellisense
  • Access to Office applications
  • Familiarity
  • Large cost

Yes, VS Code requires some comfort with command-lines, particularly in terms of creating scaffolding, but it is a very nice and lightweight environment to work in. (Besides, using command-lines would benefit people's understanding and confidence with what they are building.)

Is there some licensing regulation that I'm overlooking? Otherwise, the main reason for not moving to VS Code would just seem to be people's personal resistance to change.

(We are keen on Team Services but licences for these separately would surely be substantially less than full VS licences.)

What has been your experience with VS Code? Is it the DB's?

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Re: VS Code vs VS

Posted 13 September 2017 - 04:18 PM

I've always considered Visual Studio the best IDE for C#, Microsoft's web stack, and MS Proprietary stuff in general. However, for other webby stuff, particularly Javascript, it's never really quite got there. I was excited when they added git to VS, but it's always been kind of hacky. Indeed, all the attempts to woo the open source crowd always seem to dumb it down a little too much.

VS Code begins life as a Javascript, NodeJs, turn away from Atom, kind of thing. However, in encouraging plugins, for maybe the first time ever, they actually excited the open source crowd. Also, VS Code works as well on Linux and OS X as it does on Windows...

I think for the programmer who is used to IDE surfing and cross platform toys, VS Code is amazing. VS will probably always be the best place to go for the Microsoft's flagship tech. However, for stuff Microsoft doesn't control, VS Code beats it in many ways.

When VS 2017 came out I immediately looked at the new NodeJs TypeScript tools. While they are supported after a fashion, which is rather amazing, VS Code beats it easily and looks like it always will.
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