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From Flash and AS3 to.......?

Posted 17 September 2017 - 05:10 AM

Hi Everyone,

I am simply a hobbyist that is looking to grow my programming skills in a meaningful direction. I was hoping I could find some realistic advice here.

I am an elementary school teacher, but have been programming in Flash for several years. I Love Flash! Actionscript seemed like a deep scripting language that I could challenge myself with. I learned file systems, xml, SQL, drawing APIs, animation, and much more. I feel like I honed my loops, functions and complex arrays. I am sure my code is atrocious, and many of the things I programmed were event based. If I click this, then do this, save here, and yada yada yada. But it worked and it felt impressive.

However, I feel flash held me by the hand a little too much. I am not comfortable in making my own classes because it was so easy for Flash to make them for me. I cannot visualize what programming an animation would look like in an IDE because Flash tweens and triggers everything on a timeline for you. I also felt held back when programming with Adobe AIR because my apps were hard to interact with the filesystem of iOS.

Anyway, I am ready to take the plunge into serious programming, and maybe would love to supplement my income somehow, someday. I am looking for my next language. Yes, I have watched videos and read articles about "first programming languages" but I still have some questions. As an educator, I would love to start learning a language that I can use with Natural User Interfaces and possible Augmented Reality. A little gaming thrown in there would be fun as well. Ive always wanted to program with the kinect or peripherals like it, make interactive Smart Touch Screen Apps. I bought a leap motion that seemed like fun but never took it anywhere. I also do not want to be tied down to an OS. It would be nice to easily program for all (pipe dream huh?). Lastly, it would be nice to use sometime of animation or game development if I wanted to make my way into that as well to create educational games for kids.

I apologize for rambling but it is a very important topic for me!
Thanks for the help

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