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cout << "Hello, DIC Community";

Posted 20 September 2017 - 08:40 AM

My name is NathanielTC,
Software development has been my passion and life's ambition ever since I was twelve. I am twenty now and have devoted (or wasted) much of the past eight years as a solo game developer. I have never seen a project through to release, though I have countless working prototypes, a plethora of source code I have written over the years, among various other achievements, such as a vast working knowledge of OOP, test-driven programming, debugging processes, various libraries and tools, and gained the confidence to know that I could utilize any new tool, library, language etc. with a little patience and devotion.
I learned to code in C++ when I was twelve, and over the next few years I began thinking like a software engineer.
I have a few achievements that I am proud of (though have never made a dime from), such as a fixed direction enemy movement AI system in Unity C#, a dynamic NPC dialogue system with variable branching narrative, an RPG inventory system, etc. Just naming a few things. Some of these projects have taken me months to thoroughly engineer, develop, test, and debug.
I love making games, but above all I love being a developer. That's who I am. That's what I have always been. I want to turn my passion into a career. I would love if there is anyone out there willing to steer me in the right direction with solid advice. Lately I have lost a little hope. I have been working in a warehouse to pay my bills, and had to put my dreams on hold. I have had a few phone interviews with employers, such as one for a position as a developer at an IT firm. I felt as though I nailed the phone interview, but slowly lost confidence in anticipation, as the opportunity would have been months down the line. I went to school for IT briefly, but I should have instead gone for CS. During the time I was attending school I was passionately working on my enemy AI system. I am proud of it for many reasons.
I keep my code well documented, being mindful to keep it readable. I seldom have read other people's code, which I know is very important.
I worked through FreeCodeCamp's front end course briefly. Completed ~240 lessons in a week's time, as most of the material I was familiar with.
Thank you for reading my rant. I am seeking advice, introducing myself, and hoping to communicate with those of you here with more experience than I.

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Re: cout << "Hello, DIC Community";

Posted 20 September 2017 - 12:58 PM

Welcome to Dream.In.Code NathanielTC! Hey it sounds like you have quite a bit of practice under your belt. That is certainly a good thing even if you didn't get them out to the masses. I am hoping you find the forums informational and get you to the point where you can finally put out that blockbuster game! Hey, PlayerUnknown's Battleground is an alpha and look, he made like a couple hundred million on it already.

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