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[Help] Could someone look at this code and explain...

Posted 21 September 2017 - 01:29 PM

This section of code is used for reporting at work for a network of people. The problem is that the network of people have atleast two different domains for their emails. Yet, I cant seem to get the macro to function for more then one domain at a time. I need my people to use this macro if they're are @sharedsvcs.com or any other domain I may have setup for them. This macro is used in XML in conjunction with Outlook 2010. Thank you to anyone willing to explain what must be done.

Set oCalendar = nsMaintCal.Folders("Public Folders - " & strFullName & "@sharedsvcs.com").Folders("All Public Folders") _
.Folders("AA-Planned Maintenance").Folders("AA-Planned Maint (Recovered)")

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