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MASM How to prompt user for string, then display it back (echo)

Posted 03 October 2017 - 03:38 AM

Hello all, I'm in the process of trying to write a program that prompts a user for a string, then after the user enters a string, it will be outputted back. So far whenever I try testing it in masm, after being prompted to enter a string, I get "X" duplicated 32 times followed by my prompt message again. Why is this happening? Do I need to use the JMP command somewhere? Here is my code so far...

 ;Test #1 ASM in DOS ... In 2014!

.MODEL SMALL            ; Assembler directive specifying the segment model for the generated code

.STACK 4096             ; Setup 4096 byte stack segment

;--------.DATA Assembler directive specifying following is part of "data" segment -------

MAX_LEN			DB			32					;Maximum length of following buffer
ACT_LEN			DB			?					;Actual length stored in buffer
STR_DATA		DB			32 DUP('X')			;Storage buffer for string data
PROMPT			DB			"Enter a string: $"

;----- .CODE is an assembler directive indicating the following source is part of the "code" segment -----


        ; .STARTUP Macro simplified setting up segments, which identify the memory reserved for code, data, and stack.


		;Print prompt
		MOV AH, 9						;AH = 9 ==> DOS PRINT $ svc
		MOV DX, OFFSET PROMPT			;DS:DX ==> Addr of string
		INT 21h
		;Input the string
		MOV AH, 0AH						;DOS input string service
		MOV DX, OFFSET MAX_LEN			;DS:DX pointer to formatted
		INT 21h
		;Print the user's string
		MOV AH, 9
		INT 21h

        ; ---- .EXIT Macro works as a reverse to .STARTUP, ensuring proper return to the operating system.

; ---------- DON'T FORGET THE END AT... the end.  Seriously ----------

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